The plansifter is widely applied in modern flour mills and rice grinding mills. Also it is mainly used for not only grinded wheat and middle material sifting but also be used for flour check sifting. Due to different sieving design, the plansifter serves for different sifting passages and different middle materials.

Flour Plansifter

flour plansifter flour plansifter
The plansifter is driven by a motor which installed inside of the main frame and counter-balanced by a counterweight. Each plansifter has 4, or 6, or 8 sections sieves inside. Various material flows into the various section on its own route. According to individual design for different materials, the sieve sifts different granular material to different next passage in flour machine when the whole machine is running.

flour plansifter flour plansifter

Sieve frames are made by imported wooden coated inside and outside with plastic melamine lamination, demountable, interchangeable. Sieve frames are equipped with stainless steel trays. Each whole section is clamped by means of a metal frame and pressure micrometric screws from the top. It is easy and quick to change of sifting scheme if necessary. Sieve frame size: 640x640mm, 740mmx740mm. The plansifter adopts pressed steel plate framework and the internal box walls is made of stainless steel. Outlets for discharge of plansifter include black plastic caps within gravity spouting scope. Newly Nova style sieves are also available, aluminum inner sieve for more sanitation requirement.

plansifter plansifter

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