gravity grading destoner

The TQSF series gravity grading destoner influxes and ameliorates in land and overseas kindred machines excellence used to continuously grade and separate stone from wheat and other grains, beans, and corn. Through pneumatic separation within the grain cleaning machine, fine impurities such as buckwheat, grass seed and dust can be separated from grain.

Gravity Grading Destoner
gravity grading destoner

Gravity Grading Destoner Working Principles:
1. The sieve box which is normally matched with two-layer sieves is based on hollow rubber springs and it is triggered to oscillate by a couple of vibes based on machine execution.
2. The grain is spread with a feeder over the entire width from the machine, and so the product stream is stratified around the pre-separation screen based on its specific gravity through the oscillating motion from the screen by the environment flowing with the product from bottom to top. The sunshine contaminants collect at the very top, and also the heavy ones such as the gemstones at the end.
3. The low layer using the heavy contaminants flows upward and it is given towards the final separation zone from the bottom p-stoning screen. Final separation from the gemstones in the grain is accomplished with a countercurrent of air.
4. The stone-free product streams around the two screens float on cushions of air, flowing gradually toward the merchandise outlet, after which are released with the squashed rubber valves.
5. To achieve the optimum amount of separation, the inclination from the screens, the environment volume and final separation could be modified accordingly.

Destoner Workshop
gravity grading destoner workshop destoner workshop

Salient Features:
Advanced design and excellent fabricating;
Reliable and excellent stone separation and efficient cleaning;
High specific capacity, low noise and low dust emission;
Easy operation and maintenance;

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