300-500KG/H 6FS home flour mill

Our 6FS series of complete home flour mill units are designed on the base of the original 6FY series of home flour mill, which adds air elevators. We adopt the technology of lifting by wind to decrease the laboring density with a little power and low noise. This home flour mill is able to process various grains such as wheat, maize, jowar, coffee and cocoa etc.

6FS home flour mill

There are some following advantages:
Raise the flour mill's mechanization degree, cut down labor intensity. 
Adopt compressed air to transport grain. For seal pipes strictly, thus prevent flour from releasing efficiently, reduce powder's pollution greatly.
Cut down the finished production's temperature and mill grain again and again in order to improve the flour's quality greatly.
Compact structure, large volume, easy installation, operation and maintenance.

6FS Home Flour Mill Units
6FS home flour mill unit

Technical Parameters of 6FS Home Flour Mill:
Model  Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h)
6FS-35 7.5+1.5 300-400
6FS-40 11+1.5 350-450
6FS-50 11+1.5 400-500
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