borage seed oil extraction

Benefits of Borage Seed Oil

The borage seed oil, or borage oil, is extracted from the seeds of borage plant, whose scientific name is Borago officinalis. This plant is also known as starflower. It was originated from the Mediterranean region, and now can be found throughout the United States and Europe.

borage seed oil

Borage seed oil is known for its pain relief and inflammation treatment. Borage seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids linoleic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid, which must be taken from the outside world because the body cannot synthesize itself. When consumed, most of the gamma-linolenic acid in borage oil is converted to dimethylgamma-linolenic acid. Like omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil and flaxseed, gamma-linoleic acid and bis-gamma-linolenic acid may help reduce inflammation. However, both substances are classified as omega-6 fatty acids.

Other benefits of borage seed oil include:
  • Its antioxidant properties can resist cancer because it can reduce oxidative genetic damage.
  • It is a natural therapy for rheumatoid arthritis pain by reducing joint pain and swelling.
  • It can fight eczema and other skin diseases by correcting skin lipid deficiency.
  • Natural improvement of lung function, cure respiratory tract infection;
  • It can boost the growth of premature babies by supplementing omega-3;
  • It can help reduce fat accumulation or weight gain by storing more brown fat than white fat - thin people are believed to have more brown fat than white fat, just like muscle.

Borage Seed Oil Extraction

Borage seed oil is best extracted by low temperature extraction method. Low temperature extraction is especially suitable for machine pressing organic plants and high value-added cash crops. During the extracting process, the oil temperature is low, the oil yield is high, the residual oil of cake is low, and the processed oil is light in color, good in quality and rich in nutrition.

The cryogenic oil press produced by our company is the ideal choice for extracting borage oil. The use of this press can avoid destroying the molecular structure of the borage seed oil and prevent the loss of nutrients, thus effectively improving the quality of the finished oil.

borage seed oil extraction machine

Above is a 20L extraction machine for borage seed oil extract processing. The whole extraction process will be completed under low temperature and low pressure with this extraction machine, and the active ingredients in natural borage seeds will not be damaged. Therefore, the final borage seed oil is of highest quality and can be priced high in the global market. For large scale or industrial production of borage seed oil, we can also offer perfect complete oil extraction plant at industry low cost.

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