peanut roasting equipment

This peanut roasting machine uses hot air as the drying medium to contact material continuously, enabling moisture content in wet material to be gasified and to be evaporated, to achieve the purpose of drying. This peanut roaster machine is suitable for drying of powdered charcoal product, also for drying of other products similar to the powered charcoal product.

This system is composed mainly of the dryer, the centrifugal fan, the hot-blast stove, and so on.

Capacity: 400-500kg/h
Power: 140KW
Voltage: 380V, 50HZ, three phases

Peanut roasting line workgroup

Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanut Roaster

The peanut roaster is designed by our long term experience and many excellencies from other same machine international, it have many excellencies: saving cost and energy sources, safety, sanitation, convenience, controlling fasttemperature, steady performance, taste sterling products, simple operation and maintenance etc. The peanut roasting machine is reach to export standard.

The peanut roasting machine mainly process of food: legume, kernels, nut (e.g. various of peanut kernels, melon seeds, almond, chestnut, horse bean) etc. reduce moisture for dry and toast still cooked.
The peanut roasting machine adopt to roll and heat transmit and radiation by galvanothermy pipe, and have auto-control temperature set; in roasting course, the materials be roasted by hot air and be pushed and circulated in continuum, in this way, the product will be heated equably, in order the products have a good quality.

Technical Parameters:

Peanut Roasting Machine

Roasted Penauts Roasted Peanut Kernels

Type DHL-1 DHL-2 DHL-3 DHL-4
Power (KW) 1.1+15 2.2+30 3.3+45 4.4+60
Capacity (kg/h) 100 200 300 400
Temperature(degree) 0-300 0-300 0-300 0-300
Size(L*W*H)mm 2900 *1400 *1900 2900*2600*1900 2900*3200*1900 2900*4200*1900


1.The peanut roasting machine is adopt roller/heat exchange/heat radiation principle, in order to products have purity taste by principle pipe,
2.This peanut roaser machine is applicable for peanut kernel, horsebean, coffee bean, melon seeds, nutlet , nut etc. dry and roasted.
3.Advantage: saved energy sources, safety, sanitation, conveniences, handy operation

Small Multifunctional Drum Roaster
The small type drum roaster is made by carbon steel, it adopts entire sealed belt driven, has the character of compact structure, stable performance, low consumption, high efficient, safe, sanitary.

Multifunctional Roaster

Working principle: it adopts a rolling drum to ensure the heat work on material directly & evenly.
Application: peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, soybean, chestnuts, filberts, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, horse beans, almonds, walnuts, pistachios etc.

Model Capacity (per batch) Heating method Voltage(V) Heating power(kw) Rotating power(kw) Size (mm)
6JX-25E 10-12 Electric 220-380 5 1.1 990*470*1030
6JX-25G 10-12 Natural gas 220 ---- 1.1 990*470*1030
6JX-50E 20-25 Electric 220-380 8 1.1 1250*600*1300
6JX-50G 20-25 Natural gas 220 ---- 1.1 1250*600*1300

Roasted Chestnuts Roast Soybean Roast Watermelon Seeds

Roast Peanut Kernels Roast Pumpkin Seeds  Roast Sunflower Seeds

Roasted Almond Roasted PistachiosSesame

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