sawdust pellet production line project

Nestled in Pernik, Bulgaria, the complete sawdust pellet production line project of 0.5t/h taking beech as raw material is capable of processing wood logs, blocks and sawdust simultaneously. Based upon the client’s requests, our design included stand-alone debarking system which could deal with wood logs separate from the rest of the line. Also, the integrated crusher capable of chipping and then coarsely pulverizing enables raw material to be crushed into qualified one. After the above, material will then be dried, fine crushed, pelleted, cooled and packed in a streamline. The design simplified project structure with fewer use of equipments so that the client’s investment in the line could be effectively saved. Of the line, pellet mill adopts gear-driven system facilitating operators to handle it and ensuring personnel safety. The integrated machine including cooler and vibrating sifter immensely saves floor space. On top of it, adopting mimicked computer system, the electronic scale also works together with the thermo-hemming machine for the benefit of efficiently and swiftly weighing and sealing packages.

Pictureof 0.5t/h Complete Sawdust Pellet Production Line Project Site

sawdust pellet production line projectcomplete sawdust pellet production line project
Adjust the Sawdust MoistureAdjust the Sawdust Moisture
Install the Pellet MillInstall the Pellet Mill
Debugging the Sawdust Pellet Mill
hammermill and cycloneHammermill and Cyclone
take photos clientTake Photos with Our Client
finished sawdust pelletsFinished Sawdust Pellets
finished pelletsSawdust Pellets

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