How to Improve the Aroma of Peanut Oil

Degreasing and pressing peanut oil is one of the most common edible oils with high nutritional value and good flavor. This kind of oil is processed by physical pressing technology, namely screw pressing. So, what can we do to improve the aroma of peanut oil in the process of processing peanut oil?
peanut oil aroma

How to Improve the Aroma in the Processing of Peanut Oil?

Some customers report that their peanut oil does not have a good smell or is too weak in aroma. In fact, there are many factors that make peanut oil smell tasteless, mainly in the following aspects:


Poor Peanut Quality

The quality of peanut can directly affect the taste of extracted oil. Good peanut oil requires good resource materials. Undoubtedly, only fresh and full peanut seeds can produce high quality peanut oil with rich fragrance.


Improper Proportion of Raw Peanut and Cooked Peanut

The proportion of raw peanut and cooked peanut also matters a lot to the peanut oil aroma. Generally, the proportion of raw and cooked peanut should be controlled to 3:1. If the proportion of cooked peanut is too small, the smell of extracted peanut oil will be weak. If the proportion is too high, the oil yield will be low, and the crude oil will be cloudy and it will increase the difficulty of subsequent process.

Cooking Temperature is Too High or Too Low

The pretreatment process of peanut before oil extraction is absolutely a technical work. The control of moisture content and temperature in peanut is the key factor affecting oil yield and flavor. Cooking is also a key step in the production of aromatic peanut oil. The aroma of oil is directly related to the cooking process of seeds. If the cooking temperature is too low, the oil fragrance will fade; if the temperature is too high, it will easily lead to peanut burning. Generally speaking, the cooking temperature should be controlled between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius. In addition, in order to prevent the gelatinization and spontaneous combustion of peanuts, we should immediately cool them after cooking.

Small Scale Peanut Oil Processing Plant

From the above aspects, to produce peanut oil with strong aroma, we need to improve in the selection of raw materials, peanut proportion, and cooking temperature. When you are facing the problem of peanut oil flavor, start from the above aspects. If you are still unable to solve the problem, feel free to contact us for technical support, we are always glad to help you!
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