peanut shell pelletizing plant in India

Sept.10-Sept.16, 2012, this is a special day for AGICO. Our Indian customers visit our factory for training peanut shell pelletizing plant on how to operate machines, maintain machines and safe guide training. Our Indian customers have placed order for a small-scale peanut shell pelletizing plant. Through spot test machines, the customers are very satisfied with the whole pelletizing line and the performance of pelletizing machines. And they are willing to purchase 4T peanut shell pelletizing plant in March, 2013. We are looking forward to cooperating with our Indian clients in future.

The photos are related to this visiting!

clients and hammer mill
The customers are visiting the hammer mill and discussing this machine.

The Indian clients are checking hammer mill companied by our engineers.

peanut shell pellet mill
The customers are checking the 350 belt driven biomass pellet machine.

electric cabinet
The main electric control cabinet for 500KG peanut shell pelletizing plant.

electric cabinet details
Show the details of the electric cabinet to Indian clients and training them how to operate.

peanut shell pelletizing machine
350 belt driven biomass pellet mill.

test pelletizing details
The test production on crushed peanut shell pellets is very successful.

clients and engineer
The clients are satisfied with the peanut shell pellets.

peanut shell pellets
India client is taking the pellet for sample testing.

cyclone system
The auxiliary equipments-cyclones.

screw conveyor
Screw conveyor.

spare parts
The spare parts for peanut shell pelletizing plant

The cooler is cooled the peanut shell pellets.




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