peanut peeling equipment

Peanut Decorticating

This small peanut kernel decorticating machine (also called peeling machine) has advantages of compact structure, low noise and consumption, high efficiency and decorticating ratio, simple operating and maintenance. It is an ideal choice for small farmer and commercial lines.


Usually the selecting conveyor's length is 6M, it can be designed according customer's requirements. On this conveyor, the workers select the un-blanched peanut and reprocess it again. The unqualified peanut is also picked out. Finally the entire white peanut kernel is put through the vibrating separator to make it clean, and ready for packing.

Model: GC-3 Peanut Blanching Machines/Peanut Decorticating Machines

This peanut peeling machine adopts advanced technology for blanching the roasted peanuts, and it has characteristics of compact structure, low consumption & high efficiency, long user life and high efficiency & decorticating ratio, simple operating and maintenance. It can be combined with several other units to improve the capacity. It is an ideal unit for small farmers and commercial lines.

Peanut Decorticating Line

peanut blanching machine

Peanut Decorticating Machines

Peanut Blanching

This peeling/peeler machine is highly effective ideal piece of equipment which is used to take off shelled peanut, almond, broad bean cortex. It can be used for the large kit production of the oil fried peanut line. This peeling/peeler machine can also be used for the cortex which takes off large almond, broad bean. After changing simple parts it also can take off the cortex of small almond.

peeling machine peanut peeler

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