300-500KG/H 6FY home flour mill

Producing wheat flour at home with own home flour mill will be great enjoyable with families. Wheat flour freshly milled is always sweeter than wheat flour purchased in the supermarket. It usually tastes better and greater for people's health. In addition, each begins creating wholesome home made bread, he definitely wants to mill his grains at home.

home flour milling 6FY home flour mill

Our 6FY series of home flour mill is a more basic design for home use. The series of home flour mill are efficient, a large output and reliable. The finished product wheat flour is at a low temperature. The flour is sieved using a round nylon screen to make it easy to exchange parts. Meanwhile 6FY series home flour mill is equipped with special parts and components to adjust both the milling process and the space between rollers for optimal usage of the machine. Of course, wheat is not the only grains to be processed; this mill also can process sorghum, coffee, cocoa, rice and other grains.

6FY home flour mill workshop

Specifications of Home Flour Mill:
Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (kw) NW/GW (kg)
6FY-35 300-400 7.5 520/590 (w/o motor)
6FY-40 350-450 11 540/610 (w/o motor)
6FY-50 400-500 11 550/630 (w/o motor)
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