500-800kg/h flat die wood pellet mill

Our 500-800kg/h flat die wood pellet mill is flat die designed and roller-turned. It has a series of rollers (actually 3) on the horizontal flat die, and the rollers rotate while the die is stationary when making pellets.
The die and rollers of this wood pellets makeing machine are made of superior alloy steel. They are processed by heat treatment, thus their hardness can be over HRC50, which guarantees the machine’s stable continuous work and prolongs its service life.

500-800kg/h flat die wood pellet millflat die wood pellet mill structure

This wood pellet mill's structure is as above, and it's mainly composed of:

1.Upper bo body  2.Fixing nut 3.Roller  4.Die  5.Middle box body
6.Main shaft 7.Discharging hopper  8.Bearing 9.Bearing seat 10.Decelerator
11. Motor 12.Shaft coupling  13.Foundation frame 14.Electrical cabinet    


Technical Parameter of 500-800kg/h Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

Type Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimension (mm)
ZLSP550B Three phases 55 500-800  3500 2300*750*1850


The Pictures of Flat Die and Rollers
flat die of pellet millrollers of pellet mill
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