Bengal and Zimbabwe customers visit

Ender comes two friends from different countries at 10am Nov.7, 2012. They are Bengal customer Zahangir Khan and Zimbabwe customer Trust Ncube. Their arrival adds a piece of joy and vitality for AGICO's busy workday. Zahangir Khan is primarily willing to cooperate with us about refined soybean puffed leaching process equipment. While Trust Ncube manages a small oil processing factory in Zimbabwe and he mainly wants to pre-purchase cotton seeds for squeezing into the oil directly, after filtration and bottling sold. 
Eeder with Hemmy and Even accompanies this two customers to visit jinshen oil processing factory and GEMCO factory in the afternoon. In GEMCO factory, our technical Tang introduces tje details about GEMCO in biomass pellet mill designing and small oil press manufacturing. Let us enjoy this visit through the camera.

souvenir photo in AGICO
Tina with KMEC manager is souvenir photo with Zimbabwe customer in AGICO.

discuss cooperation details
Our team is discussing the cooperation details with customers about oil mill plant.

visiting jinshen factory
Ender accompanies two customers to visit Jingshen oil processing factory.

Bengal and Zimbabwe customers visit GEMCO factory
Benga and Zimbabwe customers visit GEMCO factory  companied with Ender.

introducing oil refining
Ender is introducing the oil refining equipment for two customers carefully.

visit oil press
Technical Tang is showing the small oil press for two customers.
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