bucket elevator

Bucket elevator also called bucket conveyors are designed, in a way, which may be easily modified, based on the workplace. Containers are such, which are stored in this precise balance that nothing spill from it, while handling the gear. The bucket elevators are developed according to the necessity, whether or not they are needed to possess a cradle, shelf or might be overlapping. Various bulk items for example grains, cereals, glass, ceramics, chemicals and pharmaceutical could be moved easily and effectively.

Bucket Elevator
bucket elevator

The Bucket elevators are designed to transport various kinds of items. The understanding and experience with our bucket elevator, the very best solution could be offered. For that transport of dry substances like grain and flour the elevator already demonstrated its value being a very reliable transport method. Combination by using synthetic containers, helps make the elevator well suited for the transport of sand, Pet Coke other abrasive or slightly adhering items. Using put on-resistant materials around the right places guarantees a lengthy duration of the constituents. Elevators are weatherproof and mud tight.

Technical Parameters:
Model Diameter (mm) Dust Pan Spe. Speed (r/min) Powder Capacity (t/h) Granule Capacity (t/h)
20/09 Φ200 907 120/100 0.7 2.6-3
26/13 Φ260 1311 90/60 2.3 7-8
26/18 Φ260 1814 90/60 3.1 9.6-11
36/18 Φ360 1814 80/50 3.4 12-14
36/23 Φ360 2314 80/50 4.4 16-18
36/28 Φ360 2814 80/50 5.3 19-22
48/18 Φ480 1814 65/40 4 14-16
48/23 Φ480 2314 65/40 5.1 18-22
48/28 Φ480 2814 65/40 6 21-24

Bucket Elevator Workshop
bucket elevator workshop bucket elevator workshop
bucket elevator workshop bucket elevator workshop

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