fixed belt conveyor

The fixed belt conveyor is suitable to convey length of the equipment is 10~250m which is widely used to grain, cereal, coal, mine, electric power factory, ports and other fields.

Fixed Belt Conveyor
fixed belt conveyor

Features of Fixed Belt Conveyor
★ Simple design, low noise and simple to maintain.
★ For a myriad of granular, powder, lumpish materials and plastic box materials.
★ Optional moving selection of belt velocity (.8m/s~4.5m/s). High-speed brings high capacity and efficiency.
★ The equipment and also the conveyor devices work stably with no belt deviation and making materials spray out.
★ Fixed type and moveable type can be found. Horizontal or inclined installed.
★ The fixed belt conveyor is driven by motorized paint rollers or gear motors.

Fixed Belt Conveyor Workshop
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