flour impact detacher

Flour impact detacher is perfect for getting rid of endosperm pollutants after reducing milling by smooth fresh paint rollers to enhance the extraction of flour in flour mills.

flour impact detacher
flour impact detacher

The circular machine comprises casting iron housing as well as the motor is flanged positioned on the housing. A rotary pin plate is bound round the motor axis directly. A collection is pin plate coupled with housing. Materials are succumbed towards the machine within the center and launched in the outlet that's round the tangential direction. Meanwhile, intensive impact happens between:
☆ the pins fixed around the motor and also the pins around the housing.
☆ the rotoring plate and also the pins on the housing
☆ the pins fixed on the motor and also the housing
Thus some endosperm sheets triggered by smooth roller are released and become flour some granular semolina is crashed to flour or falls taken off bran. The rotor is dynamically balanced and colored getting a transparent food lacquer to prevent rusting. The affecting pins surfaces are heated to make certain placed on resistant.

Flour Impact Detacher
flour impact detacher groups flour impact detacher systems

Some Merits of Flour Impact Detacher:
☆ Unique design and excellent fabricating.
☆ Newly type machine adopts welded housing.
☆ Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.
☆ The impacting pins surfaces are heat treated to ensure wear resistant. The surfaces of the impacting pins are special heat treated to ensure wear resistant.
☆ Round pins and square pins for different passages and impact intensities.
☆ High quality motor ensures the machine running normally.

Model Capacity (t/h) Diameter (mm) Speed (n/min) Power (kw) Dimensions (mm)(L×W×H)
KFSLZ-43 1-2 Φ430 2960 3 670×550×570
1.5-2.3 4
KFSLZ-51 2-2.3 Φ510 2960 5.5 770×660×635
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