mobile belt conveyor

This mobile belt conveyor is suitable for conveying length of the equipment is 10~250m, which is widely applied to grain, coal, mine, electric power factory, ports and other fields. The rotor rollers support a ring belt running and transferring for various kinds of material on it for a long distance.

Various Style Mobile Belt Conveyors
various mobile belt conveyor

Salient Features:
Simple design, low noise and easy to maintain.
For all kinds of granular, powder, lumpish materials and bagged materials.
Optional rolling range of belt velocity (0.8m/s~4.5m/s). High speed brings high capacity and high efficiency.
The equipment and the conveyor belts work stably without the belt deviation and making materials spray out.
Fixed type and moveable type are available. Horizontal or inclined installed.
The equipment is driven by motorized rollers or gear motors.

mobile belt conveyor movable belt conveyor

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