mono-section plansifter

The mono-plansifter is broadly used in modern flour mills and grain grinding mills. It is also mainly employed for not just grinded wheat and middle material browsing but also be employed for flour check browsing. Because of different sieving design, the plansifter serves for various browsing passages and various middle materials.

mono-section plansifter
mono-section plansifter

The flour mono-plansifter machine is driven with a motor which installed bottom from the primary frame and counter-balanced with a counterweight. You will find single section type, double sections and 4 sections key in this machine series. Based on individual design for various materials, the sieve sifts different granular materials to various next passages in flour mill once the whole machine is running.

Flour Mono-section Plansifter
mono-section plansifter workshop mono-section plansifter workshop

Sieve frames are created by imported wooden covered inside and outdoors with plastic melamine lamination, demountable, interchangeable. Sieve frames are outfitted stainless trays. Each whole section is bound by way of metallic frame and pressure micrometric screws in the top. It is simple and quick to alter of browsing plan if required. Sieves pack is suspended by its very own frame and also the frame is a component of floor or suspended with a separated frame which fixed around the ceiling. Sieve frame size: 630x630mm, 700mmx700mm, 830x830mm, 100mmx100mm, 1200mmx1200mm.

Specifications for Mono-section Plansifter:
Model Sieve Size (m2) Capacity (t/h) Speed (r/min) Diameter (mm) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
FSFJ83 10.6 1.5-2.5 260 50-55 1.5 800 2100×1400×2000
FSFJ88 12.6 2-3 260 50-55 1.5 860 2250×1450×2000

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