screw conveyor

Screw conveyor has a compact structure, cross-sectional part of small and lightweight, good airproof performance, high transmission efficiency, process flexibility in layout; equipment, demolition, mobile convenience as well as in safe condition. Relevant to move a myriad of energy, granular, small block of bulk materials like the clay powder, coal, cement, sand, grains, small lump coal. Not appropriate for viscous transport and simple to agglomerate, perishable materials. The screw conveyor is based on the degree of configuration, tilt, and the type of portfolio and uses other transportation device accustomed to complete the set operation, distribution, whip, mixing, lack of fluids, set listing of elements, dumping of cut-off, etc. stacking operation. The product is appropriate for bulk cement transportation from cement bin to stirring machine in order to dosing machine in concrete batching plant.
screw conveyor

Working Principles of Screw Conveyor
When moving flat, materials are pressed by scraper chain across the movement direction. Once the inner friction one of the material mattress is larger compared to outer friction between your material and slot wall, the fabric will move ahead together with the scraper chain. Once the height from the material mattress and also the width from the slot achieve a particular ratio, the fabric could move stably. When moving up and down, it mainly relies on the arch camber from the material. The fabric sealed in to the slot is pressed by scraper chain together with the scraper movement and obtain the resistance from the material feeding from under part, the screw conveyor may have crosswise lateral pressure to improve the interior friction from the material. Due to the shake, the arch camber is going to be destroyed and created again occasionally; therefore the transportation will lag behind the chain movement to help the transportation capacity. Vertical screw conveyor can be used for brief-distance vertical transmission. The screw of flexible screw conveyor consists of flexible shaft and artificial rubber rotor blades, simple to bend, and is arranged optionally based on needs from the site or techniques, employed for special transmission. The edge of screw conveyor has two sorts: site tugging type and whole tugging type: site tugging type can be created into any thickness and size, whole tugging type isn't appropriate to create nonstandard screw.

Screw Conveyor Workshop
screw conveyor workshop screw conveyor workshop
screw conveyor workshop screw conveyor workshop

Model Blade Diameter (mm) Speed (r/min) Powder Output (t/h)
LSS140 Φ140 130-160 1-2
LSS160 Φ160 50-112 2-4
LSS200 Φ200 50-100 3.5-7
LSS250 Φ250 50-90 6.5-1
LSS315 Φ315 45-80 8-17
LSS400 Φ400 34-71 17-32
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