bagasse pellet mill

Bagasse is the residue of sugar cane that has been dried out of water. And if you just let the bagasse decay, it will release methane, which is 20 percent more dangerous to the ozone layer. But, if you make bagasse into pellets, they can be used as effective fuel. Bagasse meets the standard of pellet raw material. Bagasse pellets can be used as both pellet feedstock and pellets fuel.
Bagasse pellets is an existing agricultural byproduct that avoids impacting the food chain. Moreover, they have high energy content and burn quality.
bagassebagasse pellets
Bagasse Pellet Mill
Bagasse pellet mill, also called bagasse pellets making machine, bagasse pellet press, is also flat-die designed.
To make pellets from bagase, bagasse pellet mill is indispensible. Firstly, the bagasse needs to be processed into powder, usually with a hammer mill or crusher, after which, make sure these bagasse powder contains proper moisture. Then, put the well-prepared bagasse powder into the feeder of the bagasse pellet mill and they will fall down into the area between the die and rollers. Then the rollers press the power into the holes in the die to form pellets. And a series of knives cut the emerged pellets into the same length after they are exposed on the other side of the die. Thus, bagasse pellets is made. 
bagasse pellet mill
Bagasse Pellet Mill is Especially Popular in Brazil
Brazil is the world’s top sugarcane producer, and its ever-growing cane industry earns billions annually making sweeteners, ethanol, alcohols and even electricity by burning most of the cane fiber, called bagasse. But they can’t burn it all. Each year Brazil accumulates millions of tons of bagasse that, until now, have been treated as a burden instead of a blessing. Therefore, many people in Brazil have began making bagasse pellets and earned large fortune.

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