bamboo pellet mill

Southeast Asia lies in the tropical and subtropical, again by the influence of Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean monsoon converging which brings plenty of rain and stable heat, is the ideal ecological environment for bamboo, and it is also the center of the distribution of the bamboo. Bamboo is native to many countries and has many different types, strong adaptability and wide distribution.
Bamboo grows all over the world thanks to its strong fertility and fast growth. What’s more, with powerful rhizome, secondary bamboo forest and artificial bamboo forest spread fast. As one of the richest forest resources, bamboo is also sustainable biomass energy.
Bamboo, especially bamboo waste, is often used to make pellets. Bamboo pellets have high density and release long-lasting energy. Moreover, as clean, green and renewable energy, they are easy to transport and store.
bamboo pellets
Bamboo Pellet Mill
Bamboo pellet mill, also called bamboo pellets making machine, bamboo pellet press, has 4 driving forces for you to choose: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO. The bamboo pellets making machine is usually flat-die designed and enjoys many advantages, such as: small size, compact structure, easy operation and little maintenance, low power consumption, low noise, stable performance, and long service life. 
Bamboo pellet mill makes pellets not only from bamboo and bamboo waste, but also from other biomass materials like: sawdust, bagasse, straw, wood shavings, wood chips, alfalfa, peanut shell, grass and leaves, etc.

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