biomass chain boiler

Biomass chain boiler is utilized to any biomass pellet and briquette. In addition, there is a technical breakthrough for biomass chain boiler. In the process of fuel burning, general boilers can often appear phenomenon of coking, which will lead to problems like low heat of the boiler fire and burning out of the grate. While the chain boiler is running slowly when the fuel is firing, it can break the slagging fuel and prevents it from slagging. Traditional boiler needs the secondary air distribution to increase the thermal efficiency which is just about 85%. But our biomass pellet chain boiler can make the thermal efficiency up to 91.15% without the secondary air distribution.

Biomass Chain Boiler

biomass chain boiler

Boiler Structure
This is a unique-designed, innovative combined detachable boiler. It combines the advantages of detachable boilers, and adopts advanced non-coking chain-grate technology. It forms a kind of perfect design and high quality products.

The Front of Biomass Chain Boiler

front of biomass chain boiler

Safe and Secure
The two-stage feeding system can prevent from backfiring effectively; meanwhile we adopt the mature device for backfires to ensure the safety of the users and the running of the boilers.

The Side of Biomass Chain Boiler

side of biomass chain boiler

Some Special Features of Biomass Pellet Chain Boiler

travelling grate stoker
burner of biomass pellets chain boiler

Strong Adaptability
After a long time of trial, this series of boiler can burn any different degrees of coking biomass fuel. It's an adaptable product with high combustion temperature, low exhaust gas temperature and satisfying thermal efficiency.

Intelligent Control System
The fan controlled by frequency conversion control system, It will not shutdown immediately while the boiler stopped running. Then it runs slowly. It won't stop until the smoke is discharged out of the furnace. It can effectively prevent boiler from explosion which is caused by flue gas. The fan controlled by frequency conversion control system, it reduces the noise.
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