biomass multi-function cooking stove

Biomass multi-function cooking stove is a new designed product for responsing the national policy of developing and utilizing biomass energy clearly and efficiently. It can meet the requirement of home heating during cooking dinner. This pellet cooking stove is suitable for all sorts of kitchen ware as wok, steamer, pressure-cooker and kettle, etc.

Biomass Multi-function Cooking Stove

biomass multi-function cooking stove Model  GC-F-10
Thermal power 4.6KW-11.6KW
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Power consumption 95W
Floss hole diameter 50mm
Inlet & outlet pipe diameter 20mm
Fuel consumption 1.5-3.75kg/h,Heating value can be controlled by adjusting the shifts.
Size 1030×550×750mm
Weight 97kg
Heating area 120㎡

Technical advantages
► It can meet the requirement of home heating for cooking dinner.
► Quick firing. Feed and fire up immediately when power is on, and it can feed continuously.
► Easy operation. It adopts intelligent control system to automatically feed and fire up.
► Clean and green. Burning fully without smoke and dust.
► Safety and durability. It adopts fully enclosed combustion technology. Operation desk and main parts are made from corrosion resistant plate, which is thermostability and corrosion resisting. The use of thermal insulation technology of main stove design keeps it from potential safety hazard.
► Elegant appearance. External packing plates adopt the technology of compression moulding forming.
Selection of fuel
Ф6-8mm high quality wood pellet.
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