biomass pelet stove

Our biomass pellet stoves are of high quality and competitive price. With high efficiency and compact structure, our pellet stoves have won nice feedbacks from end users. This type of pellet stove is usually used in houses for heating your rooms. By using this pellet stove, it can save you a lot of energy cost. Thus, more and more people turn to using it instead of conventional heating device.

Owning Our Pellet Stoves to Keep Your Home Warm and Clean!

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AS-01 AS-02 AS-03 AS-04

Technical Parameters:

Model AS-01 AS-02 AS-03 AS-04
Dimension 695*352*473mm 1017*500*480mm 1022*622*572mm 362*472*848mm
Weight 67kg 114kg 121kg 94kg
Power connection 230V, 450W, 50HZ 230V, 450W, 50HZ 230V, 450W, 50HZ 230V, 450W, 50HZ
Output 5kw 8kw 10kw 6-7kw
Efficiency 88% 88% 88% 88%
Hopper capacity 10kg 18kg 30kg 13kg
Pellet consumption Max1.6kg/h; Min1kg/h Max1.8kg/h; Min1.2kg/h Max2.6kg/h; Min1.2kg/h Max1.6kg/h; Min0.8kg/h
Heating area 70 110 130 110

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