biomass pellet machine

Ring die pellet machine is the key parts of biomass pellet mill production line. The machine is our independent development and contains many national patent. It mainly improves the ring die to craze so as to keep high yield and long servive life.

pellet machinepellet mill 

* Adopt high precision gear transmission and unique fast discharge shround ring die, compared to traditional beltwork, efficiency increased by 20%.
* The main transmission part selects high quality imported bearing and oil seal in order to keep transmission efficiency, stable and low noise.
* Adopt international advanced compensation serpents spring coupling with the function of novel structure, compact, security and low fault etc. .
* It strengthens the working intensity of main work parts in material and heat treatment so as to achieve making pellets requirements of biomass pelletizer machine.
* Add fuel loading system and air cooling system with high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable operation and reliable pellet quality.

Capacity: 1-1.5T/hr without binder, 100% saw dust basis.
1.5-2T/hr without binder, straws basis
Power: 0.75kw+1.5kw+0.75kw+90kw
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