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Nowadays, many people prefer to eat food made of coarse grains. Corn flour food is beneficial for the health of people with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, and people almost eat them every day. For farmers of large farms, they harvest large amounts of corn each year, and many of them have corn grinding machines for home and farm use. Of course, for people who want to make money by grinding corns for his neighborhood or villagers, they also have corn grinders of their own.


Note: FFC grinder can process various kind of grain crop; output is different according to sieve mesh. We can also add the cyclone to KM-360 and KM-500 according to clients’ demand.

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
M6FFC-800 55/380v,50hz 2000-8000 1200
M6FFC-500 22/380v,50hz 1000-3000 460
M6FFC-360 11/380v,50hz 400-1800 168
M6FFC-270 7.5/380v,50hz 250-800 98
M6FFC-230 2.2/220v,50hz 150-560 68
M6FFC-160 1.5/220v,50hz 50-200 38

High capacity, low power consumption, stable working, safe and reliable operation. It is labour-saving if you match this maize grinder with auto-sucking machine, fan and discharger.

Maize Grinder

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
M6FFC-800 55/380v,50hz 1200-8000 1500
M6FFC-500 22/380v,50hz 800-1800 820
M6FFC-360 11/380v,50hz 320-1100 320

If you also want to buy a corn flour grinding machine, you’d better collect much information, do some research on your desirable machine, and contact with both the supplier and his customers to know as much as possible about the machine. Then, if the grinder meets the following points, you can take a good consideration of its price and finally make a deal.

First, the corn grinder you are going to buy is manufactured by a leading and professional supplier; Second, the machine has won several high quality certifications, like CE and ISO9000; third, the supplier offers trustworthy warranty, good service and skilled technical guidance; Fourth, their customers’ comment of the grinder; Fifth, the raw materials of the machine’s each part are of high quality.

Our corn grinding machines meet all the above with reasonable prices, and you can also take a good consideration.
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