circular aspiration cleaning machine

TFXH circular aspiration cleaning machine can be combined with vibro separator and horizontal scourers, which is widely applied in flour mills and silos storage cleaning section. Also this machine is successfully used singly in flour mills, feed mills, seed cleaning plants, and oilseed cleaning plants. Circular aspiration cleaning machine is always installed at the end of vibro separator or horizontal scourer and used to remove low-density particles from granular materials. When the grain stream sheet is fed into the inlet of the channel and flowing down, the air suction goes through the grain sheet and the hulls, small straws, shrunken grain, or other slight offal are brought away. The suction air is recycled in a closed box and most of the offal is collected and discharged from the offal outlet.

Circular Aspiration Cleaning Machine
circular aspiration cleaning machine

Excellent separating efficiency
High capacity
Wide range of applications
Reliable separation of low density impurities
Complete air recycling system, low external air volume required, less aspiration equipment needed and low power requirements

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