columbia customer visit AGICO

Ender ushered his Columbian clients Mario Galindo on Oct.27,2012. Mario Galindo is our old friend. The purpose of this visit is to purchase fresh fruits oil press and negotiate projects solutions with us. In addition, Mario Galindo is interested in our pellet mill and wood pellet plant when he visit GEMCO factory. Belows are the main details about this visit.

Columbian client visit
Mario Galindo takes photo with Even, Ender, Hemmy and Daniel in AGICO.

talking the details
Even is talking the scheme details with Mario Galindo.

introducing the solution
Ender is introducing the whole fruits oil press scheme for the clients.

talk cooperation future
Mario Galindo is talking about the future prospects cooperation with us.

Columbian market
Mario Galindo is introducing the Colombian market in fruit oil press.

visit the GEMCO factory
Mario Galindo is interested in biomass pellet mill and small pellet mill.

introducing the wood briquette machine
Mario Galindo is filming the wood briquette machine.

introducing the small pellet mill
Even is introducing the flat die pellet mill.
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