commercial flour mill for sale

If you want to start a commercial-scale flour business, apart from dealing with wheat breeders or farmers, wheat traders, suppliers and the end users of flour, you also need at least a commercial flour mill. Our commercial flour mill for sale is high-quality with reasonable price, and it’s probably exactly what you need.

Our commercial flour mill for sale is characterized by simple design, compact structure, low power consumption, low noise, easy operation, high efficiency, large capacity and long service life. After the well prepared grain is delivered to our flour mill, the dirt and impurities will be removed at once. The kernels pass through a series of rollers and sieves and are thoroughly cleaned. Additional series of rollers crushes the endosperm and a set of sieves removes the chaff of the kernels. The crushed endosperm is sieved until it is in the form of a fine powder. Different types and textures of flour are produced by continuous rolling and sieving.

We are professional and hold the expertise of flour milling technology. Our flour mills have been exported to many countries all over the world and won good reputations, as they can be customized to meet almost all of our customers’ requirements. We are sincerely willing to be at your service. Now, we are expecting your inquiry!
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