destoner for milling plants

Destoners for milling plants are widely used together with flour milling machine or oil expeller. When cleaning grains, cereals, legumes and the same sized oilseeds, destoners are used to remove unwanted contaminants like stones, sands, glass, metal pieces, etc. in them.

Our destoners for milling plants are pressure type and they have durable shelf life, optimum performance, low power consumption, high operational friendliness and long service life. They are very efficient in removing the both heavy and light impurities from the uniform sized seeds and food grains. The working principle of our destoners is stratification of the raw materials into heavier and light fractions by forcing air through the bed of raw materials.

This is achieved by pressure fan, which is below the vibrating deck inside the destoner. The vibrating deck pushes the heavier material in contract with the deck upwards the stone discharge spout. The lighter material flows down the inclined, vibrating deck and exists through the discharging end of the final clean and qualified product. Besides, the optimum degree of separation can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the vibrating deck and the stroke of eccentric motion. Specific applications are done by different deck screens, and all adjustments can be made with ease.

Model and technical parameters:

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Air Pressure Air Suction(m3/h) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
TQSF40 2×0.25 1.5-2.5 <980 3000 1270×700×1600
TQSF50 4-6 4000 1420×780×1800
TQSF63 5-7 4500 1450×876×1800
TQSF80 7-9 6000 1450×1046×1800
TQSF100 9-11 8000 1500×1246×1900
TQSF125 11-16 10200 1500×1496×1920
TQSF150 2×0.37 12-18 12000 1500×1746×1800
TQSF175 18-23 15000 1500×1996×1800
TQSF200 16-26 17000 1500×2246×1900
TQSF250 22-32 20600 1500×2796×1920

Our destoners for milling plants are especially indispensable in large scale flour milling factories, and they also play a vital role in protecting the flour milling machines from wear.
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