drum chipper

Our drum chipper helps you to get well-prepared wooden materials for pelletizing and briquetting effectively.
The feed  stock for this drum chipper is usually wood logs, branches, and other large forest wastes, etc.
The size and thickness of the produced materials can be adjusted according to your own needs.
wood logprocessed wood log
drum chipperdrum-chipper
Technical Parameters of Drum Chipper
Type BX215 BX216 BX218
Knife number 2 2 2
Inlet dimension(mm) 140×400 180×500 225×680
MAX Diameter of feeded wood(mm)  
Length of Finished product(mm) 30 30 22 30 22
capacity(cubic meter/hour) 4-5 10 15-20
Main engine(kw) 45 55 110

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