flat die pelletizer

If you are interested in a pelleting machine for making wood pellets for all your family needs, then flat die pelletizer is the right machine for you. The best thing about these machines is that they come in different sizes and shapes. This in turn gives you a chance of choosing one that falls or matches your needs best. All you have to do is to choose the capacity that intrigues you most and will satisfy your family needs just the way you want it.

Flat Die Pelleting Press
with Electrical Motor
Flat Die Pelleting Press
with Diesel Generator

When it comes to flat die pelletizer, you will discover that it is designed in different sizes and shapes. As such, the functionality of this machine may tend to differ simply because of this. There are some of these machines that are designed with an aim of making different types of pellets such as wood while others are designed for making feedstuff.

Initially, the original flat die pelletizer was designed with an aim of processing feedstuff.  However, clients who had used the machine before saw the need for the machine being upgraded so that it can be used in making wood pellets. Necessary research and technology was used which saw the machine being designed with an ability to process wood sawdust, various types of stalks and straws.

ZLSP Series Flat Die Pelletizer with CE Certificate

Model  Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension(cm)
ZLSP-200 80-120kg/h 7.5kw 250kg 100*43*95
ZLSP-260 150-200kg/h 15kw 330kg 120*50*107
ZLSP-300 200-250kg/h 22kw 410kg 127*52*107
ZLSP-400 300-350kg/h 30kw 550kg 147*60*115

In short, the main functionality of this machine was making wood pellets. All that was required for one to have in order to make this successful was simply wood materials. While this is the case, there is a certain fiber content that is required in order to make this successful and for the materials to bind together. As such, you are highly advised to ensure you adhere to this in order to make it worthwhile for you during your pellet making process.
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