grain air suction separator

Our KXFL series of air suction separator are a new device generally useful for eliminating the husk and dirt within the grain warehouse. The air suction separator is perfect for using in wheat flour mills, grain mills, corn (maize) processing, oil plants and feed mills as well as making alcohol. This machine has many features such as a high capacity and is wonderful for wheat flour mills. The wind quantity of blower may change through wind gate, and output may alter the capacity through press weight.
air suction separator
air suction separator

Technical Parameters of Air Suction Separator
Model Capacity (t/h) Air Suction (m3/h) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)(W×H)
Cleaning Pre-cleaning Cleaning Pre-cleaning
KXFL80 12 50 2800 3000 230 860×2100
KXFL100 16 65 3500 3800 360 1060×2150
KXFL120 20 83 4100 4500 400 1260×2200

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