grain grinding machine

AS we all know, grain grinding machine makes flour from grains and has a wide application. We are a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of grain grinding machines and we have been professional for more than ten years. We hold the expertise of grain grinding machine’s technical guidance. Our grain grinding machines have been exported to many countries all over the world and won praise and good reputations both domestically and abroad.

Our grain grinding machine is characterized by simple design, compact structure, low power consumption, low noise, high output capacity, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life. It can process many kinds of grains, like: wheat, corn, rice, black rice, sesame, walnut, soybean, barley, and peanut, etc. It consists of driving force, grinding part and separation system. It is made of high quality stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standard. What’s more, there are no solder joints in the stainless steel hopper, which makes the flour production more sanitary.

The video of 10T flour mill

Our grain grinding machine has three simultaneous tracks: feeding end is elliptic, middle part is circular and then the small transition to the discharging end is oval. There is cooling device in our grain grinding machine to ensure the flours’ color and qualities are not influenced. Besides, it has unique sieving configuration, effective feeding, bran suction and cooling devices. The speed of grinding is adjustable, thus achieving rapid and high quality separation.
Our grain grinding machine can either be used to make flours alone, or co-work with other relative equipments. It’s your just right choice to make flours from grains.
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