grass pellet mill

As we all know, grass has tenacious vitality and can be seen almost everywhere. A well-known ancient Chinese poet named Bai Juyi once wrote: “no prairie fire can destroy the grass; it shoots up again when the spring breeze blows.” Apart from greening city, grass can be used to as fuel and feed domestic animals. With grass pellet mill, you can make full use of grass and save a lot of money.

Grass pellet mill can press grass into pellets. You may say: “anyway, it’s still grass, why bother it?” A pretty good question! Here comes the answer.

Grass pellets have high density and can offer lasting energy. When you trim your lawn or garden, you can collect lots of grass, which is the biomass raw material for grass pellet mill. You may not want to invest much on the grass pellet making machine, it’s OK to buy a home use one. It won’t cost a lot, but you can make grass pellets at home. Homemade grass pellet making machine is a flat die type, and it needs low investment but provides high benefits. If you decide to make fortune by selling grass pellets, you can certainly find the large models of rather high capacities like ring die grass pellet making machines. Grass pellet mills can be driven by motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and PTO. You can choose the driving force based on your own willing.

grass pellet mill Model ZLSP-D 300C Electric Motor Grass Pellet Mill
Power 22kw
Capacity 250-400kg/h
Weight 600-800kg
Grass Pellet Mill with Electric Engine Packing size 1300*620*1100cm

grass pellet mill Model ZLSP-D 260A Diesel Engine Grass Pellet Mill
Power 35hp
Capacity 160-250kg/h
Weight 330kg
Grass Pellet Mill with Diesel Engine Packing size 1200*500*1070cm

gasoline grass pellet mill Model ZLSP-D 150Q Gasoline Grass Pellet Mill
Power 13hp
Capacity 50-100kg/h
Weight 180kg
Gasoline Grass Pellet Mill Packing size 1000*500*750cm

rotating roller grass pellet mill Model ZLSP-R 300B Rotating Roller Grass Pellet Mill
Power 3 phase 22kw
Capacity 250-350kg/h
Weight 540kg
Gasoline Grass Pellet Mill Packing size 1350*750*1400cm

Nowadays, GEMCO grass pellet mills are favored by most people in many countries. The reasons are mainly as follows:

Firstly, as a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier, GEMCO has been professional in biomass pellet mills for over ten years. Secondly, GEMCO grass pellet making machines has high efficiency and output, low energy consumption and noise, and long service life. Thirdly, the finished grass pellets are smooth and even, of high standard hardness and heat value. Fourthly, GEMCO offers durable spare parts and various kinds of dies with different pore diameters as well as satisfactory after sales service.

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