how the mini pellet engine works

As clean, green and renewable energy, biomass pellets have high density and can provide lasting energy. As biomass pellets have a wider and wider application in home heating and cooking, more and more people begin to buy mini pellet mill to make their own biomass pellets at home. Generally speaking, the mini pellet mill has four different driving engines: electrical motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO. Then, how do these mini pellet mills’ different engines work?

Four different driving engines pellet mills

electrical pellet mill diesel pellet mill
gasoline pellet mill PTO pellet mill

Mini pellet mill with electrical motor is the easiest to operate among the four different driving forces. If you want to run the mill, all you need to do is that make sure the plug has been wired up well, and then press the “turn on” button.

As for the diesel engine driven mini pellet mill, start the speed controller and turn the key to the gear “I”, then the starter is connected with the storage battery. Then, turn the key to gear “II” and the engine will start. Notice, turn the key to the gear “I” again after the engine begins to work.
For the gasoline engine driving type, turn on fuel valve, move the throttle level slightly to the left, and close the choke lever, and then turn on the gasoline engine. As for the PTO mini pellet mill, the engine works together with the tractor.

Therefore, you can choose mini pellet mill with your desirable driving engine to make biomass pellets at home!
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