hydraulic briquette machine

Our new model hydraulic briquette machine enjoys a lot of advantages. The most obvious advantages are as follows: security, stability, easy operation, visible pressing process, and higher output rate, etc.
This hydraulic briquette machine makes biomass briquettes under high pressure in its cylinder. The raw materials for briquettes include a series of biomass materials, such as: sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, straw, tree branches, peanut shells, rice husks, and alfalfa, etc.
  hydraulic briquette machine
Model Weight Production Capacity Power Briquette Diameter Surge Bin Volume
GMC-YKY012 1000kg 120kg/h 7.5kw 70mm 0.45m³
hydraulic briquettes
To press briquettes with this hydrahlic briquette machine, the raw materials for making briquettes need to be pulverized into powders. These powders should contain proper moisture content, usually 12%. Then put these well-prepared powders into the feeder of the hydraulic briquette press, and they will fall into the mixing bin. And these powders will be conveyed through a screw conveyor to the briquetting chamber, where they are pressed into briquettes in sequence.
The finished biomass briquettes, with the forming density of  0.7-1kg/dm³, will be pushed out along the slideway.

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