integrated sesame oil press

Integrated sesame oil press combines the processes of pressing and filtering together. As it’s movable, it is widely used to press onsite oil, whose processing process is transparent to people. Consequently, people rest assured on the quality of oil made by integrated sesame oil press. This oil press can press sesame oil and walnut oil for immediate consumption. 
Integrated sesame oil press enjoys many advantages, like: small size, compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, low noise and long service life. It can press about 0.4kg raw material one time. 
 integrated sesame oil press
Technical Data of Integrated Sesame Oil Press
Model Motor Net Weight Dimension Production Capacity Dry Cake Residual
1.5KW (YC90L-4) 220V, Single phase,50HZ 156 KG
15-20 kg/h
2.2 KW (YC90L-4)220V, Single phase,50HZ
180 KG
30 kg/h ≤8%
As it is movable, this sesame oil press is very common to operate in vegetable market, supermarket, bazzar in countryside and even at home. It is perfect to make sesame oil onsite, which can effectively won customers’ trust. All the parts of this machine can be installed and dismantled easily.
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