mustard oil plant

Compared with other cooking oils, mustard oil has lower saturated fats, antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties. Mustard oil has lots of benefits to human health, and it is obtained mainly by pressing mustard seeds. The seeds are dried in sun and then they are cleaned to remove dust and other foreign materials, after which, these well prepared mustard seeds are put into mustard oil plant.

Our mustard oil plant presses mustard seeds mainly with a screw warm. After mustard seeds enter the hopper of our mustard oil plant, they fall down to the pressing chamber, where a screw worm moves them to advance. And as they move, the space becomes smaller and smaller, thus pressing out mustard oil. Due to strong frication and high pressure, the temperature rises, and this in turn increases mustard oil output capacity. The pressing process is repeated till the maximum oil is extracted out of the seeds. And the fresh mustard oil seeps through the small openings in the bottom of the pressing chamber.

Our mustard oil plants have passed a series of quality tests to ensure that they are flawless, sturdy in construction, and have resistance against corrosion and reliable performance. Besides, they are also characterized by easy operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, low noise and long service life.
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