oil extruder machine

TXP series oil extruder machine is mainly used for rice bran stabilizing treatment and bean extruding in cereal and oil industry. Besides, it is also used to manufacture different expanded feeds in oil mills, rice mills, soybean protein factories and feed mills. 
This oil extruder machine is mainly composed of a driving system, a feeder, an extruding device and an electric control cabinet. It has won National New Product Certificate granted by the State Science and Technology Commission, and its patent NO. is ZL90224391.8.
oil extruder machine
Technical Parameter
Mode Screw Dimension Rotate Speed PowerMain Motor) PowerFeeder Motor Capacity
TXP-100 ¢135 630rpm 22kw 1.5kw 250~380kg/h
TXP-160 ¢155 600rpm 55kw 2.2kw 16~24t/day
TXP-165 ¢205 500rpm 75kw 2.2kw 25~36t/day
The quality guarantee term of this oil extruder machine is one year.
Working Principle
Our oil extruder machine transfers mechanical energy to thermal energy by extrusion, friction and sharing function of non-equidistance screw extrusion system. Due to high temperature and strong pressure, the material is sprayed out from the discharging die head to be expanded and formed. It’s installed on a foundation, and certain space should be available for later maintenance. Besides, its incoming line of electric cabinet should be properly equipped according to the motor power.

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