oilseed cleaning and selecting

Oil seed cleaning and selcting is an improtant processing to the whole oil press process. we are careless to choose the oilseed, the impurities within it may harm the oil press equipment in cleaning and separating process. Sand among the seeds may block the machine hardware. Chaff or huller left in the seed absorbs oil and prevents it from being expelled by the oilseed cleaning equipment. Also, stones in the seeds may do damage to screws of the oil mill machine. Our company has designed professional oilseed cleaner and separators to hazard these accidents while producing quality products. A efficient vibrating screen is installed to sieve the worst impurities. A suction-style specific grabity destoner was set up to remove stones and mud. In cleaners and separators, our company also put in place a dust-cleaning system to make sure a clean work environment. Of course, vibrating sieve is essential equipment during oilseed cleaning. Vibrating sieve adopted advanced technology is one of oilseed cleaning machines. It is a common machine alaways used in the oilseed processing plant. Vibrating sieve is widely used to clean the raw material in flour mills, feed works, rice plant, oil plants and chemical plants.

oilseeds cleaning machine

vibrating sieve machine

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