olive oil extraction process

Olive oil is widely used in cooking and making cosmetics. Olive oil extraction process is to get the maximum amount of olive oil from the fruit’s pit and pulp. One of the most efficient and widely used ways of olive oil extraction is solvent extraction, which uses chemical solvent to dissolve olive oil contained in olive oil cake or olive seeds. Olive oil is collected by vaporizing solvent out which is later recycled.

To extract olive oil with solvent, usually hexane, olive oil extracting equipment is necessary. The olive oil extraction process is mainly as follows: First of all, the olives for extraction need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove impurities. Second, these well prepared olive seeds are put into the feeder of the extracting equipment, and they will be transported through the solvent spraying chamber. The transporting speed can be adjusted easily. Fresh hexane is admitted into the extraction machine near the discharging end of the moving bed, and the full miscella is recovered from the initial stage, thus ensuring the perfect current flow of the raw materials and the solvent. At last, the distillation takes place in vacuum, and the extracted olive oil is collected by vaporizing hexane out for later recovery

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Our olive oil extracting equipment is designed to give sufficient time for penetration and percolation of solvent into the olive seeds. Besides, view glasses are provided to view the distribution. If you are interested in its olive oil extraction process, please feel free to contact us for more information!
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