palm oil refinery plant

Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of oil palm, and is one of the most widely used cooking oils. Palm oil is composed mainly of glycerides and, like other oils in their crude form may consist of small and variable portions of non-glyceride components as well. In order to render palm oil to the edible form, some of these non-glycerides need to be either removed or to reduced to an acceptable level. Therefore, the purpose of refining palm oil is to convert the crude palm oil to quality edible oil by removing objectionable impurities to the desired levels in the most efficient manner. And palm oil refinery plant is pretty important in the palm oil production.

The refining of palm oil primarily involves two processes: fractionation and crystallization. The process of fractionation separates palm sterin from palm olein by cooling the crude palm oil in the chilling plant and later filtering the cooled oil. Crystallizing vessels are used to cool the crude oil and produce pure palm olein liquid with a palm stearin cake remaining in the filter press. Keeping proper temperature is crucial in the process of crystallization.

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