portable pellet making machine

In such a time when fuel and energy is in a terrible shortage, it’s more and more popular to make use of biomass materials, like: sawdust, paper waste, rice husk, straw, peanut shell, bamboo sawdust, alfalfa and so on. And if you want to make them release more lasting energy, a portable pellet making machine will be very helpful!
 With a portable pellet making machine, it’s very easy and convenient for you to make biomass materials into pellets, which are widely used in heating and cooking at home. Now, if you decide to buy one, we strongly recommended you our portable pellet mills. The reasons are mainly as follows:
First, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills in China and also a member with China Association of Rural Energy Industry. Second, our portable pellet making machine adopts the international advanced technology and has won good reputation both domestic and abroad. Third, compared with the other pellet making machines, ours enjoy many obvious superiorities, such as: good appearance, easy and convenient operation, low cost, high capacity, low noise, steady running, convenient maintenance and long service life. Fourth, our portable pellet mill has four different driving forces, such as: electrical motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and tractor. Last, our machines can be effectively customized according to your specific requirements.
Here, we want to put out that the driving gear of our portable pellet mill is made of superior alloy steel and the gear’s surface has been fine-ground via carburizing and quenching. Thus, it enjoys steady transmission, excellent loading capacity, slow temperature rise and good pressure tolerance. Besides, many kinds of pellets can be manufactured via different dies of pore diameter and compression ratio. You can also control the pellets’ length by adjusting cutting knives in the machine. Pellets made by our machines are smooth and cracking resistant.
We offer you not only high quality machines, but also free and experienced technical guidance as well as satisfactory after sales service. You can totally rest assured on our portable pellet mill!
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