rotary separator

The grains rotary separator is a sieving machine application for fine cleaning, pre cleaning of all types of grain, cereals, pulses, legumes and seeds to the highest quality standard such as cleaning wheat, rice, corn and other grains with large, medium and small impurities via different sieve plates. The series has a high yield and low energy consumption cleans effectively and has low dust emissions. This machine is double deck system equipped with rubber ball self cleaning system to ensure that there is no blockage of material in the sieve perforation.

Rotary Separator Workshop
pre-cleaning workshop

The series of grains rotary separator is using special balanced manner so that the process of screening ship movement in all directions of the inertial forces have been perfectly balanced, the rear elastic support, so little vibration, low noise, and the machine before, during, respectively, rear is a circle movement, elliptical motion and reciprocating linear motion and have a screen surface cleaning device, and thus yield, screening, high efficiency, small power consumption.

rotary separator-1Rotary Separator
rotary separatorGrains Rotary Separator

Advantages for Rotary Separator:
With two kinds of motion as only and rotary & vibration
Suitable for various materials with numerous applications, such as wheat, oil paddy etc. With an automatically cleaning system, it completely separates all kinds of impurities with three layers of sifters and aspiration structure.

Technical Parameters for Rotary Separator

Model Diameter (mm)(W*H) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)(L*W*H)
TQLM63 1000*630 2-3 500 0.55 1355*936*946
TQLM80 1500*800 3-5 635 0.75 2120*1265*1645
TQLM100 1500*1000 5-8 750 0.75 2120*1465*1645
TQLM125 1500*1250 8-12 885 1.1 2120*1715*1645
TQLM160 1600*1500 12-16 996 1.5 2120*2065*1645
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