sawdust pellet machine

The sawdust pellet machine can make pellets from a variety of biomass raw materials, such as sawdust, straw, rice husks, peanut shell, bagasse, alfalfa etc.
As we all know, the above biomass raw materials are neither energy lasting nor convenient to transport or store. However, sawdust pellets, which have high density, can release more energy. These pellets are cleaner and safer compared with other fuels, and they are not only widely used for heating in winter, but also for cooking at home. You can find them in kitchens, fireplaces, animal bedding and wood stoves. Besides, they reduce environmental pollution caused by coal, heavy oil and natural gas, and they are the main fuel of industrial boiler.
Technical Data of the Electric Motor:
sawdust pellet machine
sawdust pellet mill
sawdust pellet mills

Model Power(kW) Output (kg/h) Measurements (mm) N.W/G.W (kg)
ZLSP150B D-Type 4 50-90 750*350*650 90/120
ZLSP200B D-Type 7.5 80-120 1000*430*950 200/230
ZLSP230B D-Type 11 150-300 1140*470*970 290/320
ZLSP260B D-Type 15 300-450 1200*500*1070 330/360
ZLSP300B D-Type 22 400-600 1220*600*1000 410/450

Generally speaking, sawdust pellet mills usually refer to the flat die type. The sawdust flat die pellet mill is suitable for home use mainly because its capacity is smaller. When in operation, the die does not move, but the roller rotates. Sawdust flat die pellet mills usually have four kinds of driving force: electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and tractor for your own choice. You should note the following when comparing between different brands of sawdust pellet making machines. When in operation, the machine should meet these four points:
  •  Fewer mechanical failures
  • Lower power consumption and lower noise
  • Protecting the shapes of sawdust pellets
  • Smooth surface and proper density of the finished sawdust pellets
Our sawdust pellet machines do meet all the points above. In fact, there are no better pellet mills in the market. GEMCO is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of sawdust pellet mills, and 80% of its products have been exported. It’s no wonder that you find GEMCO sawdust pellet making machines in your own city, and probably in the house of your neighbor or friend. GEMCO offers free and experienced technical instruction, satisfactory after sales service, together with high quality pellet mills.
You can rest assured on GEMCO sawdust pellet mill. Now it’s your turn to buy one and have a try!
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