sawdust pellet mill

Usually, sawdust is treated as the so called rubbish in sawmills. Sawdust occupies pretty large space if its amount accumulates. Besides, never take more attention in winter as sawdust is easy to catch fire. However, if they are made into sawdust pellets, not only the problems above can be solved, but it is also very profitable. As we all know, sawdust is very easy and cheap to collect, so the raw material for making sawdust pellets won’t need much investment. Moreover, sawdust pellets are environmentally friendly compared with the traditional fuel.
sawdustsawdust pellets
Sawdust Pellet Mill
Sawdust pellet mill mainly has two designs: flat die and ring die. The former is for home use, while the latter industry. Flat die sawdust pellet mill usually has 4 different driving forces: electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO. 
Flat die pellet mill has many advantages, such as: small space occupation, compact structure, low power consumption, low noise, easy operation, little maintenance, stable running and long service life.
sawdust pellet millsawdust pellet mill
Sawdust Pellets Making Process
1. Sawdust for making pellets needs to be shattered into powders before pelletizing. And make sure these powders contain proper moisture (usually less than 15%). 
2. Put the well prepared powders into the feeder of sawdust pellet mill, and they be compressed into the small holes in the die by the rollers to form pellets.
3. A series of knives will cut the emerged sawdust pellets into the same length. Thus, sawdust pellets making is finished.

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