screw oil pressing machine

The screw oil pressing machine YZS-120 is our newly designed model. It has simple design, compact structure, high efficiency, stable performance, high oil output rate, low power consumption and long service life. Moreover, it is suitable for both hot pressing and cold pressing. It can process a wide variety of oilseeds, like: palm fruit, palm kernel, coconut, peanut, cashew, avocado, tiger nut, rapeseed, peanut kernel and sesame, etc. 
screw oil press
Technical Data of Screw Oil Pressing Machine YZS-120
Capacity(Ton Per Day) Power Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
6 TPD 15KW(3-phase,1440rpm) 680 1970*700*780

Technical Data of Different Oilseeds
Raw Material Capacity (kg/hr) Output Rate(%) Cake Residual (%)
Rape seeds Hot pressing 7000-8000 30-38 7.5-8
Cold pressing 2400-3000 28-35
Peanut Hot pressing 5000-7000 35-45 7
Cold pressing 2000-3000 32-40
Bean Hot pressing 6000-7000 10-16 6.5-7
Cold pressing 2500-3500 8-14
Sesame Hot pressing 7000-8000 44-47 6.5-7.5
Cotton seeds Cold pressing 3000-3500 10-14 5.5-6.5

The feeder of this screw oil pressing machine is not just simple reversed fastigiated container, which can let the materials let down itself, but also with a screw device and a stirring rod in the middle of the machine. After turning on the oil press and putting the materials in the feeder, the screw device will turn round to help feed the materials go down to the chamber of the oil press smoothly and effectively. With this device, it avoids the blocking in the feed inlet of the feeder. And the stirring rod also has certain effect on mixing the materials before pressing oil.
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