small hot water boiler

The small hot water b is a full automatic intelligent boiler specially designed for small villas, small hotels, commercial clubs where need the heat. The design concept of household appliances combines with compact design structure makes the product's shape more beautiful, more elegant, more delicate and more compact. It has improved the degree of automation as well as making it with a small size and simple structure. The small hot water boiler is with less return and less fuel consumption. The chimney temperature is around 180℃.

Small Hot Water Boiler

small hot water boilerSmall Hot Water Boiler
side of small hot water boilerSide of Small Hot Water Boiler

Salient Features of Small Hot Water Boiler

auto ignition deviceAuto Ignition Device
furnace body and feederFurnace Body and Feeder

★ The combustion uses the basin style with positive pressure feeding and air-inlet.
★Shaped fire-tube eddy current gasification technology represents the highest-level and leading technology in world's biomass industry.
★ The boiler uses one-button operating mode and the drawer ash-cleaning style. It adopts 45° inclined feeding anti-backfire device with the German import transient high temperature ignition device.
★ The basin style combustion and advanced delay burning function makes it run safe without the risk of explosion and the backfire.
Applicable Fuel
The fuel uses Ф6-8mm high quality wood pellets and it is not easy slagging and with few ashes.

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