small pellet stove

Small pellet stoves are is best optionl for living rooms or home use in winter, which are most suitable for medium and small scale installations. If you are a business owner, we can help you improve your business’ environmental performance while lowering your heating bills.

A Variety of Small Pellet Stoves

GC-PS-6 pellet stove GC-PS-8 pellet stove GC-PE-9 pellet stove GC-PA-8 pellet stove

Technical Parameters:

Model GC-PS-6 GC-PS-8 GC-PE-9 GC-PA-8
Nominal thermal power(min/max) 6/7kw 4-8kw 4-9kw 3-8kw
Heating power 24000BTU 30000BTU 24000BTU 24000BTU
Hourly pellet consumption(min/max) 0.6-1.2kg/h 0.8-1.6kg/h 0.6-1.8kg/h 0.5-1.3kg/h
Performance 85% 85% 83% 88%
Air outlet/intlet pipe  ø80/50mm ø80/50mm ø80/50mm ø60/50mm
Pellet tank capacity 20kg 25kg 18kg 15kg
Runtime min/max 16/33h 15/30 h 10/30h 15/24h
Working power input 110w 110kw 100kw 110kw
Weight 80/90kg 95/120kg 98/113kg 85/100kg
Unit net size(W*D*H) 471*492*920mm 471*492*974mm 502*1029*530mm 558*528*712mm
Carton size(W*D*H) 515*550*1060mm 515*550*1160mm 570*1165*590mm 580*610*860mm
Heating Coverage 60㎡ 50-80㎡ 90㎡ 70㎡
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