sunflower husk pellet mill

Sunflower seeds are nice snacks to most people. Sunflower husk is the byproduct of these seeds. Sunflower husk contains high calorific value. After being processed, it will have at least 17MJ/kg calorific value and 2.6% ash. However, when sunflower husk is burning directly, it cannot be burned efficiently and will cause air pollution to the environment. Therefore, to make good use of them, people usually make sunflower husks into pellets. Sunflower husk pellets burn more efficiently and cleaner. Below is the table of comparison of sunflower husk and sunflower husk pellets.
sunflower husksunflower husk
sunflower husk pelletssunflower husk pellets
Material Average diameter Ash content Average density Moisture content Calorific value
sunflower husk 8.4mm-10mm 2% - 2.31% 0.41g/ cm3 8% -13% 3.88MJ/kg-4.22MJ/kg
Sunflower husk pellet 6.0 mm - 8.0 mm 0.49%-1.5% 1-1.4g/ cm3 7.64% -8% 4.5MJ/kg- 18 MJ/kg
Sunflower Husk Pellet Mill
GEMCO sunflower seed husk pellet mills adopt the advanced technology and have won both CE and ISO9000 certifications. They have been exported to many countries and our customers are quite satisfied with them. 
sunflower husk pellet mill
GEMCO sunflower husk pellet mill is flat die designed. The die inside the machine is horizontal with a series of rollers above. After the well-prepared raw materials are put into the feeder of the machine, they will fall down into the area between the rollers and the die. Then the rollers will press them into the holes of the flat die to form pellets. And a series of knives will cut the pellets into the same pre-determined length immediately the pellets emerge on the other side of the die.

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